Archive: something  arch-aic, ancestral. Celestial? Or from below? From Noah-arch or  arch-angelic?

Why would anyone in our  globalised and digitalised culture ever become interested to “taste” the shadows  of the past, grey memories lost to  fire of experience and struggle? It was  mighty inspiration, like a lightening of a raw natural power, which 21  years ago made it easy for us while  stumbling over the sphynx question -  Remember The Future?- in the ancient tower of Gahmuret, the heart of  the castle  Borl Ankenstein!* The key to unlock this riddle can be found by  paraphrasing Goethe: “Ignorance of attaining and  internalising living memory   of at least two thousand years, results in blind existance of day-to-day  survival, life devoid of meaning, tossed in all  directions!” 

It is our resolve to  listen to the story of this archaic Borl tower, to “hear and feel” the  uninterrupted life since neolitic times on this steep rock  above river Drava  and surrounding landscape.  To remember actively the Parzival dynasty of  Anschouwe in Lower Styria, so intimately interwoven with the story of Grail,  asserting high supremacy of quality above quantity. Yes, on the digital  map of Europe, castle Borl  and Terra Parzival might appear hidden and lost on  the periphery, but from the inner, qualitative perspective of Europa  Unfinished Masterpiece, this magic landscape is emerging as a  gateway to  the societal transformation, the “Mill for the Soul”, the quest for meaning. 

May this archive document some moments of our decades long struggle and search which resulted  in  re-descovery of Terra Parzival along with the challenge of raising her to  the resonance platform of Macro Violin regional co-creation process. We hope to  enable the current and future generations to value and practise the  archetypal path of knighthood, in whatever creative form this might  appear in our modern life, enabling society to raise above duality of position and opposition to the resonance platform of composition

Miha  Pogacnik For Terra Parzival  team

* Borl - Ankenstein and Terra Parzival

Miha Pogačnik - 17 April 1980, Cathedral in Chartres - playing on a Macro Violin from the periphery