PROGAMME 2014-2020

Start of the project: 1.1.2014

End of the project: 31.12.2020

-         2014 (M1-M12) phase 1: networking and organisation of consortium partners, development of structures and resonance platforms within the project, fundraising for start-up activities and initiative activities within all 7 strands/key actions of the project.

-         2015 (M13 - M24) phase 2: establishment of office and infrastructure needed for project work, development of educational, cultural, economic and other supporting tools and programmes, continuation of activities within all 7 strands/key actions of the project.

-         2016 - 2020 (M25 - M72) phase 3: intensification of activities within  all 7 strands/key actions of the project, provision of support tools  and resonating environments for on-going programmes, mainstreaming, key-competencies development and added value inquisition in on-going programmes, creation of new innovative working places, insurance of sustainable project development, placement of European good practice model, dissemination of results.

Geographical scope of the project:

Upper Podravje

Lower Podravje

Celje region

Croatia – cross-border region and Donji Kraljevac

Austria – Styria region