Imagine these horse-riding distances more than 1000 years ago: King Gahmuret, Parzival’s father, riding with his small army
from castle Borl Ankenstein at the edge of Carantania, westwards through Aquileia, Provence, Seville then turning east across
North Africa, passing not yet revealed resonance of pyramids to fight for Caliph of Baghdad? Yes, all he wanted was to serve
the greatest knight, true knighthood was for him above everything else, above religion!

ABOVE: Caliph gave him upwards directed anchor, to anchor his striving on the high resonance platform of vision. This is his
legacy for us, seekers of noble 21st century knighthood, no spears no swords but gentle word of musical instruments, colours,
shapes and movements, to re-sonate and re-compose societies!

REMEMBER THE FUTURE: In ancient times of Carantania, Oriental and Occidental streams of Grail connected in the centre,
in the future Terra Parzival! Let us take on the challenge of mobilizing the Mediterranean Macro Violin to begin resounding
her unique cultural tapestry of exotic melodies, so urgently needed in the consort of European Identity!

European Identity - this is a high ideal and the challenge for all Terra Parzival’s activities is to be gradually evolving
on the road towards “Polyphonic European Identity” and, on the other hand, for those who search and dare to be
able to find the science of the Grail as the modern path of knowing.

Gahmuret Violin Mediterranean
1) Castle Borl Ankenstein
2) Aquileia
3) Seville
4) Cairo
5) Baghdad
6) Portorož
7) Donji Kraljevec
8) Basel
9) Chartres
10) 16th meridian