• to open the creative space to social innovations and initiatives;

  • work through innovative Macro Violin Approach on meeting the three polarity challenges of the modern society through the implementation of the four guiding principles of Terra Parzival (also called 4 Strings of the Macro Violin);

  • create the resonance between the Terra Parzival macro violin model as prototype for development of Polyphonic European Identity;

  • creation of the new Commission for the Polyphonic European Identity to identify elements needed to “Compose Europe as an Unfinished Masterpiece”;

  • spread the Terra Parzival Macro-Violin Approach, ideas and ethics throughout Europe and promote it as Slovenian model of best practice;

  • become applicable European best practice model for regional development;

  • contribute to achievement of Slovenian national development goals 2014 - 2020 in NE Slovenia.


  • foster the cooperation among various key players and stakeholders on regional level;

  • increase entrepreneurship and competitiveness of the regional economy and society;

  • operate as connecting point of the regional development through Castle Borl - regional innovation centre/generator if regional development processes;

  • increase the level of knowledge and innovation for rapid development of both urban centres and rural areas;

  • increase the employability with creation of the new types of employment through innovative approach

  • help in creation of new innovative working places, especially for young and socially excluded;

  • create innovative spaces for sustainable and green initiatives to draw inspired ideas from high culture;

  • promotion of social inclusion and cooperation;

  • make regional tourism more competitive through innovative opportunities;

  • improve quality of life within the region with regard to the principles of sustainable and green development;

  • increase the added value of goods and services by boosting the innovative capacity of the economy also by adding quality activities to the educational system;

  • foster enlarged regional cooperation among Austria, Croatia and Slovenia;

  • introduce unique ways of handling with and restoration of Slovenian cultural heritage, monuments and natural sites.