Consortium for Castle Borl was established within Terra Parzival European regional development model on 29th January 2014 and it is composed of 20 organisations – from local municipalities represented by Mayors, over public institutions for culture, tourism and energy to associations.

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Gandin Foundation/Terra Parzival representatives also organized and attended the first meeting with highest officials at Ministry of Culture and there is a realistic possibility that by summer 2014 part of the Castle Borl will host its first events after many years being under “lock and chain”.

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Castle Borl has hosted many national and international seminars as well as other cultural events within IDRIART and latter Terra Parzival organization over the last twenty years. A strong initiative to develop intercultural and interdisciplinary connections through the currents of art was developed there by many local and national organisations. The main objective of the festivals organised the was allways meeting people from different cultures on the basis of art and exploring the role of art in the composition of human society. Also some high-profile seminars within the entrepreneurship disciplines were hosted in the castle itself by using unique opportunities Borl king of grail

The bussiness plans for revitalisation of the Castle Borl were filed on responisble Ministries already in  2005 and latter on in 2008 and 2010, but the question of the ownership or better transfer of the users rights from the state to Gandin Foundation is still open.

Within Terra Parzival European Regional Development Model Castle Borl will play an extremly important role. It's destiny is to become a headquarter of Commission for the Polyphonic European Identity and as an incubator of innovative ideas a place for many annual expert symposiums. Also its aim will be integration of all 7 key activities of Terra Parzival Regional Development Model through work with the fruits of other six strands.

 Also the planned form of renovation and revitalisation of Castle Borl as a National Heritage Monument is unique. The current trends in renovation and revitalisation of such objects are usually profit oriented and done in a classical way. Within Terra Parzival a unique on-going sustainable model of renovation of Castle Borl will be developed on the premises that the renovation should be seen as art in itself because of the fact that Parzival's story is placed historically on Borl, and also because this story is representing the youth of Europe.

Therefore renovation process will include participation of European youth and will take over a longer period of time, probably over 10-15 years,  where renovation process will be always accompanied by international youth activities. The fact that Borl grew throughout the over thousand years of history of Europe and as such monument it reflects the architectural styles of Europe, is insurrance taht it can become the image of Europe, done with love, not only by commercial contracting and plans.

More on Castle Borl can be found on webistes of Društvo za oživitev gradu Borl /Association for Revitalisation of Castle Borl.