Terra Parzival European regional development model has numerous advantages over classical development strategies. As the latest are usually build on cognitive and analytical premises they are by the rule less effective because of lacking the harmonising counterpart - the artistic, emotional and spiritual.

Today by generating visions of future society, we have to build on ideas of integrative, green, sustainable, human rights friendly  and social responsible business and civil codes - or with other words on Parzival's quest - in order that our projects and strategies eill be successfull.

In Terra Parzival project all above mentioned components are already inbuilt. With added regional development dimension and supported by visionary social innovations of brilliant artist and entrepreneour Miha Pogačnik, by implementing Otto Sharmer's U-Theory   in practice on the whole region and by introducing the unique Macro Violin Approach done in a co-creative manner with the wide consortium of local, national and European partners the project will arouse above its regional boarders and start resonating as the true European development model.

Playing from periphery! Because today's Europe is not being build in Brussels or Strasbourg, although to many on the first sight it might seem so. Today's and above all tomorrow's Europe is actualy being built on the periphery. In small, seemingly unimportant regions as Podravje. In Terra Parzival, historic homeland of Parzival’s family, hidden among Slovenian hills.