All local as well as national and international activities, developed and tailored to Terra Parzival European Regional Development Model  are deriving from the following 7 strands (or Key Action Areas):

  1. Art & Business & Healing

  2. Youth and Intergenerational Camps

  3. Platform for Civic Initiatives

  4. Interdisciplinary Masterclass Workshops

  5. Mythological Journey through Slovenia and Region

  6. Storry-telling and Performing Arts

  7. Commission for the Polyphonic European Identity: Expert Annual Symposiums

which are corresponding to the following main social and economical development areas and aims:

  • restructuring of economy, empowerment to socially responsible and sustainable economical entrepreneurship initiatives;

  • education, social integration, LLL, fostering of non-formal education and life-long learning through intergenerational approach;

  • sustainable development, empowerment and support to the 3rd sector: civil initiatives, non-governmental organisations, bio-dynamic farming, self-supliance of the region;

  • smart specialisation and employment, development and enlargement of employment possibilities in the region;

  • service industry support and fostering of the regional and national service industries;

  • art and culture;

  • European dimension and cooperation, development of European identity.