IDRIART - Institut pour le développement des relations interculturelles par l'art / Institute for the Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts is a global  movement represented and supported through the nonprofit institute  in Hamburg,  Germany in partnership with Gandin Foundation in Slovenia.

This movement was the answer to European  “call of the times”  in 1980’s which ended with the fall of Berlin wall with all  cosequences for the global relationships of power. The uniqterra parzival borluness of IDRIART is  the radical departure from traditional cultural festival: large international  audiences of very succesful Chartres Festival d’Ete responded to the call of  its founder, violinist Miha Pogacnik, to assume the priveliged role of the  concert performer and travel under the protection of music to various crises  areas of the world and actively participate in the transformation of societies.

What is the “privileged role of the concert  performer”? Artists have always enjoyed such role, already in the middle ages  it was only the court jester who  was expected to tell the emperor the truth  without the danger of severe punishment! Thousands of IDRIART audiences traveled  together with artists to former communist world in 80’s addressing together with  local people essential issues beyond politics.  Bled-Budapest-Prague-Krakow-Tallinn-Cluj-Bratislava-Tbilissi-Kaluga-Bishkek, many times over and then in 90’s with cultural caravan on transsibirian train  from Berlin to Ulan Bator, furter many times in Beijing, Lhasa, then turning to  the fires of dissentigrating former Yugoslavia with IDRIART in Sarajevo, Mostar,  Dubrovnik, ending with 6 ships strong Flotilla of Peace. By the conclusion of  90’s IDRIART has spread to all continents including festivals in Amazonia, South  Afica, Australia and New Zealand. After some 200 intercultural and  interdisciplinary festivals IDRIART started to persue the challenge of future  composition of society inspired through formative principles of Art in the  context of Terra Parzival

represents  not only the innovation   of travelling festival as social transformation, but also a very particular  quality. It  stands or falls in respect to one essential element: the challenge  to reach every time again and again the precious moments  of the inspired “raised resonance platform”, a unique field of “flow”, where the  interaction of all participants reaches the “symphonic” quality of many-layered  depth, essence and meaning. Everyone who has participated in these events knows  this particualar “IDRIART” quality when it collectively appeared, and it can not  be easily forgotten!  Similar collective experiences are know to arise in  situations of natural or social disasters. But in  case of IDRIART it is  formative force od artistic processes which raises all participants to the  sphere above the abstract and linear.

If Art appreciation dares to go beyond  glorified entertainment, it becomes conscious “Tuning of the Soul”, a  purification process before entering  the portal of  “Temple of  Knowing”.

Miha Pogačnik for Terra Parzival team.

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