Terra Parzival - European Regional Development Model, Slovenia 2014-2020

As in physics, when we make an experiment with resonance and the efect is that particles on metal plate move to form beautiful fractal forms, so we firmly believe that also society can be "resonated" to form new structures that will be based on solidarity, co.creation, responsiblity and respect.

MACRO VIOLIN – RESONANCE PLATFORMS are social innovation, a support tool for co.creation of new synergies and new ways of sustainable, socially-responsible and solidarity-based platforms on 7 segments of society; from youth to food sustainability, from culture to green business, from social grass-roots initiatives to political and European identity exploration. Bringing into resonance diverse segments of society, using formative forces of high art to influence and guide the regional development, “playing” social structures  from dissonances to harmonies – all taking place  in local municipalities and community centers in the  Macro Violin region, aiming at Terra Parzival regional development 2020 goals, supported by EU structural funds and aligned with governmental structures.

See the interesting resonance experiment !